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During these bizarre and trying times in New York City (and everywhere), I’ve been considering my life and its connection to Mother Nature. The Earth and the animals carry on, while humans are “caged.” Two phrases spin in my mind: “It’s not nice to fool Mother Nature” and “Always be kind to animals” … 


Staying in my apartment, or “cave” as I like to call it, I saw something about the canals in Venice, how the water is so clear it reflects the blue sky—it sounded like paradise to me. I decided, since I was going to be quarantined for who knows how long, that I would create my own paradise. I found three decrepit paint brushes and five tubes of old, cheap acrylic paint in the cabinet under the kitchen sink. Thus my Corona Cave Painting began. I started rendering my favorite animals and things that make me feel good on the walls of my apartment…making up my own fairy tales. The painting grew and grew. At this point, I have painted on almost every inch of my walls. Interestingly, these murals make my place seem much bigger, which brings me much happiness. I have learned so much about being alone and the creative process. The subconscious bubbles up to the surface without distractions. I’m amazed by how much I can do with few supplies. I always thought I needed lots of paint and brushes to do work; with less I’ve felt a creative explosion. There’s certainly a creative energy buzz in the air. 


The Corona Cave Painting keeps expanding. The fairy tale develops layer by layer. Narrative emerges, sometimes unknowingly. I imagine how people living in caves might have felt during prehistory. It’s a good feeling!

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